The Healing Time

the healing time

Hippocrates said, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

Sunday mornings are my favorite. The world is on pause – in most cases – as we stop and rest and renew the mind, body and spirit. Our family experiences Sundays usually as a time to be in church, either as worship participants in the pew, or some family members participate in leading worship through playing music, singing, or preaching. Other times we may choose to rest if our bodies need the quiet of an unscheduled day and we are not committed to being involved in a worship service. There is a cycle to Sundays like the give and take of the rest of our lives. We are able to create the opportunity to rest and fellowship with other believers in our church community.

Today after the morning service my husband and me were talking about cycles and healing and upcoming decisions on the drive home. You know how some studies say the body fully regenerates on the cellular level every seven years? We feel like our family has been cautiously regenerated on some deeply healing level for the first time in seven years.

Seven years ago bought our first home and shortly afterwards I received a diagnosis of stage 3 colon cancer. 2010 was when the healing time, the healing crisis, began.

We’ve been through trauma, and relief, and trauma again, and joy, and are exhaling much of the difficult angst we’ve carried many years. All of us.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar place. For us, the opportunity to heal was forced upon us. We now see and accept that some of the stabilizers God placed so strongly around us over the past seven years are easing themselves away as we relax into the exercise of living securely, quietly, reserved, poised, rested, healed.

The healing time has not been all smooth sailing and consequence-free decisions. There has been a sometimes painful re-calibration of finding the family equilibrium. Painful like the healing of a wound; raw at first, then less sore as the healing time passes.

Are you in the Healing Time? Here are some thoughts from our family experience:

  1. Seek God’s help and wisdom for every decision, BEFORE you make decisions.
  2. Seek support from your church or faith community.
  3. Trust God to cover the gaps you are unable to manage.
  4. Be patient with yourself, and with your loved ones.

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