Fall Doughnut Decor

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Did you know doughnut decor is a thing?

Recently we went to our son-in-law’s birthday party. It was a perfect Fall evening; cool and crisp with a touch of damp. A cheerful bonfire in the backyard confirmed Autumn has arrived in full force and friends and family sat in chairs talking and eating.

The usual birthday cake was replaced with doughnuts! They were stacked on wooden holders made from an apple tree toppled by a lightning strike earlier in the summer. A 12-24″ wooden dowel was drilled into each piece of wood. Remember those plastic rings that stacked up on a pole in the nursery as kids? Replace those plastic rings with delicious doughnuts and you’ve got the idea.

Here is a picture from the doughnut dessert table. Isn’t it crafty? Lanterns in ball jars were added placed on wooden stumps from that same old apple tree.

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What’s your favorite doughnut display? (If you’re like us, it almost didn’t last enough to take a picture.) Enjoy!

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