Are You an Average Bride? Find Out How Much it May Cost You.

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According to The Knot, being average when it comes to your wedding may cost you over $32,000… >>> Read More

The Happily Ever After and How to Prepare

wedding planner binghamton, binghamton weddings, happily ever after, before the wedding, books about marriage, books about engagement, roses, wedding venueYou’ve invested time, energy and resources into making your wedding day perfect. What about the happily ever after? >>> Read More

Do You Know What the Number One Issue is for Women?

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There’s a new book by Max Lucado on anxiety and how it happens to be a huge issue for women. READ MORE >>>

Fall Decorating with Doughnuts? Yes, Please!

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What if you take the cake and replace it with a stack of something yummy? That’s what happened at a recent family birthday party… >>> Read More