Reminders about “Everything”

savvy rose blog encouragement for women home decor cards crafts Christian blog“The future is bleak. I’m closing in on the gates to the Celestial City, but what about my loved ones who are journeying behind me? I am always concerned about their futures, Father; what about all of this mess they are going to be dealing with? I’m discouraged.”

Read more about Robin’s discouraging thoughts one morning and the promises from God about EVERYTHING…

Wild Rides and Quick Prayers

saddle wild ride horse and his boy savvy rose encouragement for womenWhen our sons were young we had a horse named Whiskers. We pastured him a little ways up the road from our house, and would occasionally lead him down to the house to saddle him up for a ride. One day I was horrified when I watched the horse react … [ Read More ]

Mud in the Barnyard

mud in the barnyard devotional for women

Are you stuck in the mud? Don’t panic! We’ve got a story from the farm that may encourage you to get unstuck. Help is on the way. Read more…


sharpening lives and homes tools for women

Years ago the sharpening of tools was a regular necessity. A dull edge meant more work and possible harm to the wielder of the tools. Perhaps, today, it’s wise to revisit ways to sharpen our personal lives as women. Read more…

Tapestry Tune-Up

I’m here today to share some fruit. And it will lead you to my Rock! (If you think time is precious now, wait until you’re 82.) Read more…