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One November morning I sat down at my computer and checked my email.

I read the morning news just before turning on FLN’s Gentle Praise channel to set the mood for the day in my home. I was deeply affected, totally discouraged, and were I someone prone to depression, my day would have been ruined.

My thought process was, “This is not good.  Our nation is becoming more divisive, more angry, more hopeless.  The future is bleak.  I’m closing in on the gates to the Celestial City, but what about my loved ones who are journeying behind me?  I am always concerned about their futures, Father; what about all of this mess they are going to be dealing with?  I’m discouraged.”

I turned to my Heavenly Father.  “What to do, Lord?”

He immediately spoke to my heart and the following is what I recorded in my daily journal, knowing that at the end of the day as I prayed over the entries in my journal for this day, I would be reminded again.

It is easy to worry – feel anxious – feel uncertain – feel hopeless… (I grabbed my Bible and turned to Philippians 4:6-7) – but God’s Word says, “BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING.”  THAT IS PRETTY CLEAR – THAT INCLUDES NO WORRY – NO ANXIETY – NO UNCERTAINTY – NO HOPELESSNESS.  How is this humanly possible?  It isn’t.  But if I obey my Father, He tells me, it IS possible through the power and the strength that He is waiting to give me.   

“IN EVERYTHING” (concern about our nation, our leaders, the future of my loved ones and friends – concern about what will happen to me) – “IN EVERYTHING”


            BY PRAYER                                                              1.  (enter His precious presence)


            BY SUPPLICATION                                               2.  (keep talking to my Father)


            WITH THANKSGIVING                                        3.  (express gratitude to my Father)


            LET MY REQUESTS BE MADE KNOWN         4.  (pour out my heart to Him)


            RESULT:                                                                   5.  (His peace will guard my heart and my mind!)


That, my dear friends is a promise from the God of heaven and earth.

All of this is possible because of the completed work of Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son in our behalf.

 Thank You Father for reminding me again… and again… and again.

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Robin Cox is an avid learner who shares encouragement and life lessons from God’s Word. Robin has taught women’s Bible studies for years in the local church, special events, and professional businesswomen meetings. There’s not much that makes Robin happier than knowing a life has been changed by trusting in Jesus. The gift of hospitality and a love for people shines through her written words (and you should see her hand-crafted greeting cards!).  Robin is delighted to find herself a contributor to The Savvy Rose. Make yourself at home, grab a cup of tea, and sit around the table for a bit.

Wild Rides and Quick Prayers

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When our sons were young we had a horse named Whiskers. We pastured him a little ways up the road from our house, and would occasionally lead him down to the house to saddle him up for a ride.

One lovely May day my son Ben wanted to ride Whiskers. We brought him down to the house and put the saddle and bridle on the horse. I helped Ben get in the saddle for his ride around the yard and handed him the reins. As Ben turned Whiskers, he accidentally hit the mailbox, which completely startled the horse. I was horrified as I watched Whiskers react by taking off on a dead run up the road with Ben clinging to him for dear life.

Oh Lord!” I cried. There was no time for a lengthy prayer of intercession, or calling the prayer chain! But God heard the cry of my heart. Thankfully, there were no oncoming cars and Whiskers returned to his pasture up the road. Ben was okay although shaken.

What a blessing that our God hears the shortest of prayers, and doesn’t demand a long drawn out petition.

The prophet Nehemiah, who was taken captive and served King Artaxerxes, cried out to God while he was talking to the king. While Nehemiah was serving the king as his cup bearer, Artaxerxes saw Nehemiah was sad. He wanted to know why, and then followed up by asking Nehemiah what he wanted.

Nehemiah 2:4 – “The king said to me, “What is it you want?” Then I prayed to the God of heaven, and I answered the king.

Wow! How awesome is that! God knows our needs, even before we ask. We can know He hears the cry of our heart, even when we don’t have time to utter a prayer on our lips, because His Spirit abides in us!

Is there a time you’ve cried out to God on a wild ride in your life? What scripture would you share with someone in a similar situation?

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Verna Mullen is a wife, mom and grandma who loves sharing the beauty of music, crafting, and life on the family farm. Her insights about faith and family will encourage women and we’re thrilled to have her sharing “Crumbs from the Table” on the Savvy Rose blog.

Crumbs from the Table: Mud in the Barnyard

mud stuck in the mud psalms 40 help for women devotioans for women

It was early spring – you know, that time of year when we are waiting to see new life but the leaves are still dormant in their buds. I was driving home from work, turned onto our winding road, passed by the cattle barn, and then came to a grinding halt.

“Is that who I think it is?”

Yep, my 5-year old granddaughter, alone, in the middle of the pasture, crying. She was stuck in the mud and absolutely could not move. The mud was up over her boots. She was hanging on for dear life to a sickly looking small, leafless, tree, and sobbing. Stuck. Scared.

Are you stuck in the mire?

You can’t move. You feel all alone. You are sure no one else has ever had this problem, but yep, here you are. Is there any hope of getting out of this pit of mire? No matter how hard you try, you cannot get out of the mud that’s become part of your life.

There is HOPE and His name is JESUS.

In Psalm 40: 1-3, David the Psalmist writes:

“I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire. He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see it and fear the Lord and put their trust in Him.”

Don’t panic! Wait patiently for the Lord, just as the Psalmist did. He hears your cry. He will lift you out of the mud and mire and set your feet on a rock and give you a firm place to stand. You will praise Him with the new song He puts in your heart!

My precious granddaughter did get out of the mud, and so will you. Wait on the Lord!!

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Verna Mullen is a wife, mom and grandma who loves sharing the beauty of music, crafting, and life on the family farm. Her insights about faith and family will encourage women and we’re thrilled to have her sharing “Crumbs from the Table” on the Savvy Rose blog.

Anxiety is the Number One Issue for Women

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I’m scrolling through my phone, Ace the pug is dozing on a pillow next to me on the couch, and I’m watching Fox & Friends (it’s a thing in our house in the morning). My attention went fully to the television when I heard the word “anxiety” and “women”. Not, like, that I KNOW anything about anxiety as a women. Fox & Friends was interviewing author and pastor Max Lucado and this statement is what caught my ear:

Anxiety is the number one issue for women.

Lucado went on to share that teens entering college today carry as much anxiety as mental patients did back in the 1950’s.

anxious for nothing max lucadoAnxiety is a personal “thing”. I’ve watched family members paralyzed by the numbing grip of panic due to stress and I’ve experienced that same anxiety myself (colon cancer, hello).

Anxiety is not always from going through great trauma. Perhaps that’s what makes treating anxiety so elusive. One example in my life is that there have been times I’ve wanted to crawl out of my skin before playing an offertory in church, and wondered why I have such an awful physical anxiety when I’m playing music – using my gifts – to serve God. Chemical imbalance? Spiritual battle? Physical fatigue? Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above depending on what we’re dealing with at different times in life. Maybe sometimes we can’t pinpoint why we deal with anxiety. And often we have questions about anxiety that do not have easy answers.

  • If I know God and have a relationship with Him through Jesus, am I wrong to feel anxious? After all, Jesus told us to “be anxious for nothing”. (He also knew we are frail as dust and he is very familiar with our difficulties as fallen human beings saved by His grace.)
  • Are there natural ways to help my body cope with anxiety? (Yes. Plant-based support when properly used is a gift from God and there are a number of ways to use nutrition, essential oils, and exercise to support the needs of our minds and bodies when we are anxious.)
  • Is there medication that can help me when I’m anxious? (Yes. Medicine when properly used is also a gift from God! By all means see your doctor and ask for help!)

Personally I’ve learned that when I am anxious I must ask God to help me focus on what is “true” and not on what I “feel” at that time. The most basic place to find that help? God’s Word, the Bible. The next most basic place? In a like-minded community of people who study the Bible and offer encouragement and fellowship to each other.

Here are the quick takes from the Max Lucado interview that I want to share with you on ways to cope with anxiety.

  • Celebrate God’s goodness.
  • Ask God for help.
  • Leave it with Him (don’t take it back!).
  • Meditate on the positive.

Have you dealt with anxiety? What helps you most? Someone else may need to know how you cope and grow and work through this very real struggle for many women (and, let’s be honest, our men, too).

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