Anxiety is the Number One Issue for Women

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I’m scrolling through my phone, Ace the pug is dozing on a pillow next to me on the couch, and I’m watching Fox & Friends (it’s a thing in our house in the morning). My attention went fully to the television when I heard the word “anxiety” and “women”. Not, like, that I KNOW anything about anxiety as a women. Fox & Friends was interviewing author and pastor Max Lucado and this statement is what caught my ear:

Anxiety is the number one issue for women.

Lucado went on to share that teens entering college today carry as much anxiety as mental patients did back in the 1950’s.

anxious for nothing max lucadoAnxiety is a personal “thing”. I’ve watched family members paralyzed by the numbing grip of panic due to stress and I’ve experienced that same anxiety myself (colon cancer, hello).

Anxiety is not always from going through great trauma. Perhaps that’s what makes treating anxiety so elusive. One example in my life is that there have been times I’ve wanted to crawl out of my skin before playing an offertory in church, and wondered why I have such an awful physical anxiety when I’m playing music – using my gifts – to serve God. Chemical imbalance? Spiritual battle? Physical fatigue? Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above depending on what we’re dealing with at different times in life. Maybe sometimes we can’t pinpoint why we deal with anxiety. And often we have questions about anxiety that do not have easy answers.

  • If I know God and have a relationship with Him through Jesus, am I wrong to feel anxious? After all, Jesus told us to “be anxious for nothing”. (He also knew we are frail as dust and he is very familiar with our difficulties as fallen human beings saved by His grace.)
  • Are there natural ways to help my body cope with anxiety? (Yes. Plant-based support when properly used is a gift from God and there are a number of ways to use nutrition, essential oils, and exercise to support the needs of our minds and bodies when we are anxious.)
  • Is there medication that can help me when I’m anxious? (Yes. Medicine when properly used is also a gift from God! By all means see your doctor and ask for help!)

Personally I’ve learned that when I am anxious I must ask God to help me focus on what is “true” and not on what I “feel” at that time. The most basic place to find that help? God’s Word, the Bible. The next most basic place? In a like-minded community of people who study the Bible and offer encouragement and fellowship to each other.

Here are the quick takes from the Max Lucado interview that I want to share with you on ways to cope with anxiety.

  • Celebrate God’s goodness.
  • Ask God for help.
  • Leave it with Him (don’t take it back!).
  • Meditate on the positive.

Have you dealt with anxiety? What helps you most? Someone else may need to know how you cope and grow and work through this very real struggle for many women (and, let’s be honest, our men, too).

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